Cozy-up for Fall

The signs of cool fall weather have truly arrived – the first frost, my maple tree has dropped its leaves and I pulled the warmer jackets out of the hall closet.  It is time to cozy the house, snuggle in for the winter.

First is to check around the house is see what winterization needs attention. Many good checklists can be found on-line just Google winterizing the house’ to find different options.  These tips help not only our creature comforts but our energy bills too.

After we have the basics are done we can turn to the things I enjoy – decorating.  A change of seasons is a good reason to change the house around in my opinion.  It is true we use our homes differently in cold weather verses warm weather.  Now that it is cooler we move further inside away from the porch to the fireside.

So let’s start there – the fireplace.  Let’s order that cord of wood, pick up the case of Dura logs or fill the hearth with candles.  The sight and scent of fire is warming to the soul as the days get shorter.  If you don’t have a fireplace you can purchase one without building a chimney.  Many stores offer electric units – please check the manufacturer’s directions to see if your electrical system meets the unit’s needs.

Pulling up a comfortable chair close to the fire is a cozy spot for winter reading or Sunday afternoon naps.  Be sure to have a throw blanket that fills all your senses.  Does the color coordinate with the room?  Does the feel of it please you – no itchy wool?  Personally, I like one that is monogrammed to compliment the room’s style. Once in our chair all snuggled in what is better than a hot drink? Add a small accent table within arm’s reaches to hold your cup. Do you need a reading light? Be sure the lamp’s shade is around shoulder height for ease of the eyes.

If you wish to really move things around, move the dining room table next to the fireplace.  Sharing a meal with a fire roaring compels everyone to linger and talk a bit longer.  Maybe you don’t want you big family table here but a small drop leaf table will work also.  You can enlarge it as you need it for whatever you need. This way it is great table for a quiet evening dinner for two, family game night or winter’s on-going jigsaw puzzle. Cover this table as your needs change. A heavy textured tablecloth works for all these activities and to add interest to the room. Just be sure any accessories are easy to move on a moments notice.

Now I’m going to keep going down the cozy path. Finishing touches for a cozy evening in – candles, a good book and some great music – settle in and enjoy the fire.

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